• The new experience

    of authentic Italian flavours.

Welcome to Primavera

From the rich flavours of our original homegrown rice to a multitude of long-standing recipes from all over the Bel Paese embodied in our ready-to-make risotto mixes, we want to introduce a new experience of authentic Italian flavours.

Moreover, we will only bring you rice and foods that we know from the heart and whose origin and life cycle we have personally followed from the very start, from the rice fields and farms in the Po Valley regions of Northern Italy where we see our rice grow, to the final packaging that we’ll bring straight to your shelves.

In line with that vision, Primavera Foods is building a select catalogue of Italian gourmet foods and specialties to accompany our rice selection that we will source only from places and people that we closely know and trust, and whose journey we will follow all the way to your table.